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Get control on overgrowing water plants with our mower boat in no time at all!

In order to avoid excessive nutrient input into the water, it is important to cut back and remove dead plants and plant parts in and around the lake, especially before winter. What would mean many hours of strenuous manual work, our mowing boat does effortlessly. Water plants are automatically cut and collected. At the latest in spring after weeding, the positive effect is reflected in the water quality.

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The seasonal maintenance of the cable is important to protect it from failures and defects.

What about the lakes?

This depends on the ecological balance of your wakepark.

"A system is in ecological equilibrium if its state does not change without external disturbances."

A lake with a wake park is always disturbed by the people in, the form of the wakeboard operation itself as well as by the high number of bathers. On the other hand, there are also biological disturbances, such as disproportionately overgrowing aquatic plants, which in places take over.

In general, the "smaller and newer" the body of water, the more susceptible it is to disturbance, as the ecological balance is not yet effectively established.


Technical facts:
Engine:Kubota 29 PS
Speed:0-100 m/min
Front lift:Lifting force 250 kg
Dimensions:l4,7 w2 h2 meter
1390 kg
Mowing depth:1,4 m
Mowing width:3 m

We'll give your lake a new haircut for the coming season...

nutrient removal, plant cut back

  • less nutrients in the water
  • higher water quality (due to balanced individual parameters, in particular O2)
  • Basis for sludge formation is reduced
  • no water plants in the wakeboarding lane
  • better growing conditions for the plants next spring
  • Preparation for regenerating hibernation

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The most important questions about the amphibian vehicle

For a water body with 2 ha area we need about 3 to 4 days, mowing and plant removal included.

It's up to you whether we should dispose of the green waste or whether you take care of it yourself. It has been shown that your local contacts usually give you better conditions.

There are travel costs plus a daily flat rate which covers the deployment of two employees and a boat.

This depends on your state and some other factors. If you need help, we can help you on an hourly fee.

Cutting, collecting, pumping, desludging, excavating, milling and and and do not pose any challenges for the vehicle. It can also ram piles and lift obstacle weights.

Shore design for less waves at your wake park

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