Kicker S

Kicker S

The kicker S is suitable for the first jumps of the riders at the Wakepark. Through the soft entrance and the soft transition, the riders can learn their first jumps. The entrance is located 20 cm below the water surface to ensure a smooth and safe driveway. The smooth transition helps in the controlled jump with a soft landing. This obstacle is also suitable for Wakeskaters, to learn a shove it for example. In a normal approach without strong edging (30 km / h) the riders reach a height of 0.6 meters and a distance of 4 meters. In a fast approach with strong edging (40 km / h), the height is 0.8 meters and the distance 6.9 meters. *Note! Values are calculated without pressing or cushioning when jumping off the obstacle.

The outer contour (length x width x height) is 3.5 x 2 x 0.6 meters.

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