Mirror Stairs – Pipe

Mirror Stairs – Pipe

The "Mirror Stairs Pipe" obstacle is the little brother of the "Transfomer Stairs Pipe Wall" and the inexpensive variant for the wake park. The entrance with a width of 3.8 meters offers experienced riders enough leeway to approach the obstacle in different variations. After the entrance, there are stairs to the left and right, connected by a slight slope with a safety profile. Professional riders can use the stairs to reach the top of the summit pipe. Advanced riders reach the summit pipe via the entrance as well. Arrived at the summit pipe, the riders have access to a total of 17 meters Pipeslide.The obstacle with many driveways for the demanding rider and Wakepark. Exclusive to Wakeunion for the year 2019.

The outer contour (length x width x height) is 20 x 3,8 x 1,1 Meters.

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