Transfer Ledge – Wall – Highrail

Transfer Ledge – Wall – Highrail

The Transfer Ledge - Wall - Highrail offers the riders different lines for the target group advanced and professional. The slightly inclined driveway with a width of 4 meters offers experienced riders enough scope to approach the obstacle in different variations and speeds. The entrance is located 20 cm below the water surface to ensure a smooth and safe driveway. The even transition of the kickers helps with the controlled jump with a pillow soft landing on the highrail. Advanced drivers do not have to take the transfer to the highrail, but can choose the safe route over the wide driveway. The highrail has arranged a wall on the side, into which experts can transfer from the kicker. Underneath the wall, the ledge is arranged to add another variation to this technical feature. This obstacle is particularly suitable for riders who want to learn a massive transfer into a highrail.

The outer contour (length x width x height) is 14 x 5 x 1,7 Meters.

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