Butterbox – Pipe high

Butterbox – Pipe high

The wide Butterbox with side-mounted pipe is our two-level feature suitable for "rookies" as well as "advanced" riders. The entrance is located 20 cm below the water surface and has a shallow angle. This allows less experienced riders a soft entrance without Ollie into the obstacle. Experienced riders can easily ollie into the Butterbox as well as into the pipe. The Butterbox has a width of 1.4 meters and a length of 20 meters. This gives rookies the opportunity to learn a long and safe slide on the straight box. The laterally arranged pipe is 0.3 meters high and has a massive length of 24 meters.For advanced riders, this feature offers the option of lateral transfer from the kicker to the raised pipe. We can adjust the lengths of the Butterbox as well as the length of the pipe.

Also available with mirror upramp for your linear Wakepark.

The outer contour (length x width x height) is 24 x 2 x 0,9 Meters.

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