Transformer Street A-Frame 1

Transformer Street A-Frame 1

The Transformer -Street A-Frame is part of our new Transformer Line for 2019. This modular obstacle is made up of two Kickers and one A-frame-box. Through the wedge - screw connection, the individual modules can be separated from each other and put together in many variations. Hence the name Transformer from September 2018. In the shown transformation mode, the adjoined Kickers have a massive width of four meters. The wide driveway offers experienced riders ample scope to approach the obstacle in varying variations and speeds. With the transformation possibilities of this new obstacle concept, your Wakepark setup can be changed and offers the riders a multitude of possibilities for further development.

Keep your setup up to date!!!

The obstacle with many lines for the demanding rider and Wakepark. Exclusive to Wakeunion for the year 2019.

The outer contour (length x width x height) is 18 x 4 x 1,1 Meters.

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