Water analysis, verification

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We offer three packages for your wakepark

1x quick test

  • Overview of the current status
  • Assessment of water quality parameter

4x quick test

  • Overview of the current status
  • Assessment of water quality parameter
  • Sampling per season (spring, summer, autumn, winter)
  • Changes can be detected at an early stage

On-site assessment

  • Assessment of flora and fauna
  • Measurements (oxygen profiles, visibility depth,…)
  • Recommendation for blue-green algae, brown algae, water plague and proliferating plants


Do you want to know if your water quality parameters are within the limit values?

Then choose 1 x quick test!

We will send you a vessel with preservative solution. You take the water sample by yourself and send it back to us by express-mail. We will analyse your sample in the laboratory and you will get an overview of your water parameters quickly and easily.

You choose one sampling per season.

This provides you with the best basis for continuously assessing your lake and recognising dangers at an early stage. This simple and inexpensive solution enables you to always know the water-relevant values and to react promptly.

In case of special problems, we have the possibility to carry out an in-depth analysis at your site. We recommend this especially for blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), brown algae, water plague and overgrowing plants.

The following on-site tests are included in the assessment:

  • Oxygen profiles
  • Assessment of flora and fauna
  • visual depth measurement

On site, analysis, judgment

We will come by and check additional water parameters, such as the oxygen profiles. If required, we are able to carry out further measurements on site, individually for each lake.


Best possible assessment of the water quality through individualised on-site measurements (we are also happy to include additional desired parameters in addition to the standard assessment, which do not result from a water sample) as well as assessments of the water quality. We can also check:

  • visibility depth
  • oxygen profiles
  • temperature profiles
  • sludge sample

How can we help you?

YOU order your quick test here.

WE will send you a vessel with our instructions for the sampling process.

YOU fill the vessel with lake water and send it back to us by express.

WE analyse your sent in water. If there are any abnormalities, we can work out individual solutions together with you.

Ammonium, nitrate, nitrite, orthophosphate, acid capacity (carbonate hardness) and water hardness. Further parameters can be checked upon customer request.

We meet at your place at the lake and bring our mobile laboratory with us to carry out the analyses directly on site. We measure the oxygen content and evaluate flora and fauna. The result is an overview of the current state of your water.

Assessment of the lake bottom

The stability of a cableway depends on its underground, it is important to know the condition. We can help you with the assessment of the lake bottom. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Up to 15 meters our divers manage without problems. Acceptable visibility conditions are a requirement.

The maximum dive time is 2h.

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Water body assessment and optimisation

We offer fast as well as long-term solutions to improve the water quality in your waters. Let's talk about your water on site.

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